Toilet Partition Installation in Levittown, PA

As a business owner, you want to do what you can to try and make sure your customers, guests, and employees are all as comfortable as possible. This comfort can lead to better performance by the employees and more sales from the customers. An important way to create a comfortable environment in your office, restaurant, or commercial space is to make sure you have commercial bathroom partitions.

People like privacy in the restroom and a toilet partition from L & R Installations enables you, your customers, and your employees to have it. It also helps you to increase the number of people that can use your facilities at the same time, which further improves comfort levels.

Bathroom Stalls Installed for Your Business

No matter what type of bathroom space you have, our building materials supplier has a solution for every type of design and budget. That means we can deliver and install bathroom partitions that fit the overall look and feel of your space to create and attractive and welcoming restroom facility.

Looking for the best in the business when it comes to bathroom stalls? Then look no further. We carry the complete line of Global Partitions, which is renowned for their look and quality. The types of commercial bathroom partitions we have available to install include:

  • Polymer (HDPE) Plastic Laminate Stalls
  • Black-Core Phenolic Stalls
  • Color-Thru Phenolic Stalls
  • Powder-Coated Stalls

Contact our staff to learn more about our toilet partition installation services. We serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.