One-of-a-Kind Personalized Mirrors in Levittown, PA

Enhance your bathroom or other areas of your home by having L & R Installations, Inc. install beautiful, personalized mirrors in Levittown, PA. Whether you are looking for a regular or frameless mirror or want something completely unique, we provide precisely what you need. Plus, our experienced team has the tools and resources required to install your new mirror in your home. So when you are looking for the perfect accent for your bathroom, a custom mirror from L & R Installations, Inc. is the perfect solution. Contact our office to learn more about the mirrors and installation services we have to offer.

Complete Custom Solutions

Whether you need a mirror for a custom cabinet or walk-in closet, our team is ready to provide the right solution. Our custom mirrors can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing us to provide you with a mirror that fits your needs. Additionally, when crafting your mirrors, we will always choose high-quality materials ensuring that they look amazing in your space and provide accurate and clear reflections. To learn more about our custom solutions or to discuss the design you want for your mirror, reach out to our office.